Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Dr Oz Colon Cleanse Recipe

As you may be aware, there are many benefits of a colon cleanse. Dr Oz often says that if the colon is healthy, the mind is happy.

These inexpensive, easy-to-make recipes by Oprah & Dr Oz are excellent for cleansing your colon and losing weight. Both of these recipes will prove effective for a colon cleanse. The removal of toxic impurities from your system will help raise your metabolic rate which then helps you lose weight as your body digests more calories in less time. Fatigue will be a thing of the past as you find renewed levels of energy thanks to this detox program. These recipes are full of natural ingredients and filled with vitamins and antioxidants. They can be made from the comfort of your home and taste great.

So, what have you got to lose? Give it a try!

Master Cleanse Recipe
Ingredients required:

  • Two tablespoons of organic lemon juice.
  • Two tablespoons of organic maple syrup.
  • Pinch of Cayenne Pepper
  • 10 oz. of purified water
This recipe will make one serving of the drink. This will flush all the toxins from your system and simultaneously cleanse your colon. One serving per day for 1 month is recommended.

Green Drink Recipe
Ingredients required:

  • One celery stick.
  • Two chopped Apples.
  • Juice from one freshly squeezed lemon.
  • Medium sized cucumber-diced.
  • One cup of spinach.
  • Half a cup of chopped parsley.
  • Small piece of peeled ginger.
Simply add ingredients to your blender, along with some purified water and ice-cubes. You can also add in some fresh carrot juice or sugar-free fruit juice to sweeten this drink. Not only is this drink good for cleansing your colon, but it can also aid in weight loss.

Monday, April 13, 2009

Acai Side Effects?

There are very few reported cases of Acai Berry side effects. Undesirable side effects are uncommon with Acai Berries because they are a natural fruit that come from the earth. It is possible however, that certain side-effects could be caused as a result of the manufacturing process that these berries go through when turned into other products, such as pills or juices.

Acai Berries are known to cause a decrease in appetite amongst those who consume the fruit. This is actually a favorable condition for those who are trying to shed some excess waste. By eating Acai Berry you’ll find yourself less hungry and this will also help reduce craving for food that isn’t very good for you! Acai Berries are also noted to encourage natural weight-loss in some users, however the scientific research is still inconclusive at this stage.

Acai Berries can also lead to an increase in energy levels. This can be a blessing in disguise though! If you do consume Acai Berries, try to do it in the morning or during lunch, and not before you go to sleep. Eating Acai Berries can be like drinking coffee, so try to avoid it before you go to sleep.

Just like any other therapeutic product, it is important that you check with your doctor or health care professional, whether or not Acai Berry supplement is right for you.

Acai berry can also improve your body functions. It can aide in better digestion and improved blood flow. You can also achieve a healthier heart. Since Acai Berries are rich in vitamins, minerals and all important antioxidants, you would gain complete nutritional value that can allow you to have a healthier body.

Dr Oz, Acai Berry and You.

There is a lot of buzz surrounding the Acai berry at the moment. Many people have started to use Acai Berry products thanks to their high antioxidant count. But how exactly do these antioxidants benefit you?

For those unfamiliar with Acai berries, they are a small purple fruit that come from the Acai Palm of Brazil. Natives have been enjoying the benefits of Acai products for centuries, often using them for medicinal purposes.

The Acai berry gained tremendous exposure in the media after Dr Oz demonstrated its benefits using a piece of apple on the Oprah Winfrey show. He used two pieces of cut apple to show how free radicals can destroy our cells and organs. On one side of the apple, he applied some lemon juice which contains antioxidants similar to those found in Acai berries.

Over a short period of time, the apple without lemon juice began to brown and shrivel. However, the one with the lemon juice still looked like new. Dr. Oz continued on to show how Acai and its powerful antioxidants can help to protect our bodies in the same way so that our eyes, heart, skin, and other key organs don't age prematurely.

Dr. Oz is pretty eccentric and likes to show and talk about all kinds of topics that intrigue audience and television viewers around the world. In the case of Acai berries, Dr. Oz explained that it was one of the top ‘super-foods’.

I’ll cover the topic of Super Foods in our next article.

Dr Oz Diet - What food is right for you?

When you are looking for foods for the Dr Oz diet, aim for items that have less than 4 grams of saturated fat and sugars. Foods that are high in saturated fat elevate a person's cholesterol level. This also includes foods that have trans-fats. Foods that contain high fructose corn syrup usually have over four grams of sugar. According to Dr Oz, the typical person consumes 63 pounds (28 kilos) of high fructose corn syrup per annum, which adds 33 pounds (15 kilos) of fat to your body.

The Dr Oz Diet allows brown grains, such as rice and bread. White grains are prohibited, as they elevate blood sugar levels due to the enrichment process. Enriching foods leads to the withdrawal of natural vitamins and minerals. The only ‘white’ foods allowed on the Dr Oz Diet are egg whites, fish and cauliflower.
Repetition is the key to The Dr Oz Diet. The theory is that consuming the same foods everyday trains your body to crave them. Dr Oz recommends foods that you find enjoyable to eat and can afford eating on a habitual basis. The Dr Oz Diet requires you to eat breakfast that is high in protein everyday to prevent cravings for sugar by the afternoon. Eating the same food for breakfast every day makes it easier to stick to your diet.

The Dr Oz Diet encourages you to have a small snack 20 minutes prior to your meal. Doing so will reduce the risk of overeating and will also stimulate your metabolism, which helps your digest system. The snack must be a healthy and preferably contain Omega-3, this will also help prevent cravings.

Welcome to Dr Oz's Dieting Secrets!

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Congratulations on taking the first step towards a fitter, happier and healthier you! Over the coming weeks I will be adding new dieting tips and secrets that will help fast-track your weight loss plan.

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