Monday, May 25, 2009

What Are the Health Benefits of Resveratrol?

Several research studies suggest that foods such as peanuts, mulberries, cranberries, grapes (red wine), etc. that's high in the antioxidant resveratrol may reduce the risks of coronary heart disease, cardiovascular disease and pre-mature aging. And it can provide more effective protection than the popular well known antioxidants vitamins C and E.

The effect resveratrol that's found in red wine is one of the explanations given for what's become known as the "French paradox". The French eat a diet that's notoriously high in fat, the same as the Scottish people. Yet the French have one of the lowest occurrences of cardiovascular disease, while the Scottish people have one of the highest. The answer that researchers have given is that the French tend to drink more red wine (made from grape skins), which of course is abundant with resveratrol. It appears to do a remarkable job.

Modern technology seems to have added to the problems of cardiovascular disease with saturated fats, trans fatty acids, processed foods, fast foods, etc. While technology has improved cardiovascular problems have increased. The powerful antioxidants contained in the skin of grapes, resveratrol in particular, appears to offset some of the effects by lowering the bad cholesterol (LDL) while raising the good cholesterol (HDL) in our bodies.

Antioxidants helps to minimize the damage done to the body from oxygen free radicals. It also plays a crucial role in pre-mature aging, as we age and the body begins to weaken and antioxidants protects against heart disease, cancer, diabetes, Alzheimer's and other diseases that attacks a body and muscles that has weakened with age.

Resveratrol is being touted as a dietary anti-aging solution, and while age related problems are of major importance, just as important, maybe even more, is the extra protection it provides promoting good cardiovascular health.

The Eastern philosophy is prevention, while in the West it's curing the disease. While the both sides are merging and giving us the best of both worlds, as a former stroke victim I can personally attest that Eastern philosophy of prevention is of critical importance, in order to cure a health problem you need to first have it. Also that it's possible to be physically fit and not healthy at the same time. Don't find out the hard way.


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