Monday, April 13, 2009

Acai Side Effects?

There are very few reported cases of Acai Berry side effects. Undesirable side effects are uncommon with Acai Berries because they are a natural fruit that come from the earth. It is possible however, that certain side-effects could be caused as a result of the manufacturing process that these berries go through when turned into other products, such as pills or juices.

Acai Berries are known to cause a decrease in appetite amongst those who consume the fruit. This is actually a favorable condition for those who are trying to shed some excess waste. By eating Acai Berry you’ll find yourself less hungry and this will also help reduce craving for food that isn’t very good for you! Acai Berries are also noted to encourage natural weight-loss in some users, however the scientific research is still inconclusive at this stage.

Acai Berries can also lead to an increase in energy levels. This can be a blessing in disguise though! If you do consume Acai Berries, try to do it in the morning or during lunch, and not before you go to sleep. Eating Acai Berries can be like drinking coffee, so try to avoid it before you go to sleep.

Just like any other therapeutic product, it is important that you check with your doctor or health care professional, whether or not Acai Berry supplement is right for you.

Acai berry can also improve your body functions. It can aide in better digestion and improved blood flow. You can also achieve a healthier heart. Since Acai Berries are rich in vitamins, minerals and all important antioxidants, you would gain complete nutritional value that can allow you to have a healthier body.


Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

How will this affect hypertension or "high blood pressure"? Help/prevent it? Or will it increase high blood pressure.

I've not been diagnosed with it by a health care professional, but only self-diagnosed, so I'm all natural at the moment, staying active, watching calories (and sodium!), adding more fiber to my diet, etc.

Ozzy said...

ahoier, I would highly recommend you seek advice from a health care professional. High blood pressure should not be taken lightly!

Acai can help with managing high blood pressure, but depending on the severity of your condition, it may not be enough to fully treat it.

You may also be suffering from Essential Hypertension, which has no direct cause and therefore cannot be treated without the assistance of medication.

There is some good information on the wiki link below.

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Unknown said...

I have seizers. Can i take acai berry cleanse